Julian Drebin's art is entirely aligned with the motto "Crying in the Club": Emotional Dance Music that makes you cry on the dance floor. The 20-year-old's incredibly melodic songwriting is mixed with fast-paced drumming, warm and creamy synth sounds, as well as orchestral and experimental acoustic elements. The "genre"-label is irrelevant to him - rather, he combines influences from all directions into his own world.Julian Drebin's songs narrate stories of love and longing and attempt to capture all those emotions that we cannot put into words.

Julian Drebin started making music and writing songs at the age of 7 years, publishing his own works since 2019. Since then, the multi-instrumentalist who also has a bachelor of arts degree in music production and audio engineering, has already worked for other artists like Robin Schulz, Tream or Cheyenne Giles on over 100 released songs through various genres and created songs and live edits that have been played on some of the world's biggest stages.

In 2022, then only 18 years old, he took a break from releases to develop his own unique sound. At the same time, he achieved significant success by creating viral mashups on TikTok and SoundCloud, breaking his streams into the millions and reaching number 2 in the German charts.

In spring 2024, the bavarian youth culture award winner will celebrate his comeback with his extraordinary project "looking for forever".


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Julian Gramlich
Julian Gramlich Musikproduktion
Schulstraße 39
86633 Neuburg

Telefon: 017657853728
E-Mail: contact@juliandrebin.com

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